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The cushion cut diamond has been one of the most sought after diamond shapes for years thanks to its feminine soft edges, which give this stone a timeless aesthetic. Whether you have your heart set on a cushion cut diamond or it’s simply one of the shapes you’re considering, it’s important to choose the best setting to enhance the diamond and suit your style. 

See below some of our best settings for cushion cut diamonds!

When we’re designing an engagement ring our main aim is to accentuate the beauty of the center diamond and bring it to life; each of our designs achieves this in its own way. 

The Solitaire Setting

solitaire cushion cut diamond engagement ring


A timeless and classic design, the solitaire setting puts the focus on the glistening cushion cut diamond. Featuring a sleek polished shank, which is slightly tapered, drawing the eye to the center diamond and accentuating its beauty. Thanks to its simplicity, the solitaire setting is one of the least expensive setting styles, which means you can dedicate a larger portion of your budget into choosing a bigger or better quality center diamond. 

The Micropavé Setting

micropave cushion cut diamond engagement ring

The micropavé engagement ring is simple, elegant and designed for maximum sparkle, featuring four delicate claws which cradle the cushion cut diamond, sitting atop an elegant row of meticulously hand-set diamonds. Micropavé is a unique style of setting where the metal securing each of the accent diamonds is scalloped, allowing light to enter the diamond from every angle, which makes the metal on the engagement ring almost invisible. We offer two styles of micropavé settings, the Petite Micropavé and the Micropavé - the main difference is that the petite micropavé has smaller accent diamonds and therefore a thinner shank!



The Split Shank Setting

split shank cushion cut diamond engagement ring

Designed to highlight the soft and elegant shape of the cushion cut diamond, the split shank setting features a scintillating row of diamonds which splits in two and draws the eye to all four corners of the center stone. This setting is perfect if you love an elegant, eye-catching & super sparkly look. 

The Halo Setting

The cushion cut diamond always looks sensational in a halo setting, in which the center stone is surrounded by smaller accent diamonds adding scintillating sparkle to the look. This is a great setting to maximise your budget, as it accentuates the cushion cut diamond, making it appear larger than its actual size. There are various different styles of halo settings, but the most popular is by far the micropavé halo setting seen above, where each accent diamond is set with a scalloped edge for optimum sparkle!


The Double Halo Setting


This setting is perfect if you love a statement look, as it’s designed to make your cushion cut diamond look as large as possible. The center stone is encircled by two halos of glistening diamonds, creating an exquisite display of brilliance and fire and adding an extra dimension to the engagement ring. This look is great for maximum impact & sparkle. 

The Hidden Halo Setting

hidden halo cushion cut diamond engagement ring setting

Quickly becoming one of the most popular setting styles, the hidden halo is a stunning choice for those who love subtle sparkle. Featuring a pretty diamond accent halo, which is set below the cushion cut diamond and barely visible from the top, adding an extra hint of sparkle from the side angle. The hidden halo can be a sweet personal detail for you to enjoy the engagement ring from your own perspective, which others might not notice. 



Final Thoughts?

The very best setting for a cushion cut diamond is one that suits your style the most. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to engagement ring design, as each piece tells a personal journey.

Quick Tip:

When choosing the best setting for your cushion cut diamond, one of the most important aspects is to ensure your ring is made to measure. All of our designs are made to order and tailored perfectly to fit your diamond - giving you peace of mind that your engagement ring will be of the finest quality. 

Which cushion cut diamond setting is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

best setting for cushion cut diamonds

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