October 14, 2022 1 min read

radiant cut trilogy engagement ring


The Design 

We loved working with our clients to create this beautiful bespoke radiant cut trilogy engagement ring. 

As a team we discussed the idea of three diamonds blending seamlessly across the width of the finger. In order to achieve this look, it was important for the shoulder diamonds to be in perfect proportion with the center stone. Our clients opted for a top quality radiant cut with an elongated shape and a large spread. 

Once we had the exact dimensions of the radiant cut center diamond, we were able to start designing the trilogy engagement ring. We played with the ratio of the trillion shoulder stones and wanted to make sure that the dimensions of the shoulder diamonds worked perfectly center stone.

radiant cut diamond three stone engagement ring design

CAD design of three stone radiant cut diamond engagement ring


Once we were all happy with the structure and aesthetic of the design we went into production casting the piece in platinum. Our master jeweller was then able to work prep and polish the platinum casting before setting the exquisite radiant cut and trillion shoulder stones. 

The Finished Piece

We are so happy with the finished look of this ring, a classic and timeless three stone ring using unique diamond shapes. The radiant cut center stone is perfectly complimented by the trilliant shoulder diamonds, creating harmonious sparkle on the finger.

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