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Buying an engagement ring for that special person in your life can make an exceptional statement about how much they mean to you, however choosing the right piece to delight them with is not always the easiest task. Read on to discover top 6 mistakes to avoid when buying a diamond engagement ring.

1. Not Having A Clear Budget

Before you even start looking at engagement rings it’s so important to set yourself a clear budget, ditch any rules that say you have to spend 3 months salary and set a budget that feels right for you. When it comes to fine jewellery there really is no limit to how much you can spend, so setting a budget will allow you to start looking at engagement ring designs at price points you are comfortable with! 

2. Not Putting In Enough Research

Buying an engagement ring is a significant financial and emotional purchase, which can be stressful if you don’t do enough research. Walking into the first jewellery shop you see and buying the first pretty ring you see really isn’t the best way forward. The truth is, you wouldn't set about buying a car or a house without doing a little research first, so the same care should be taken when buying an engagement ring. 

No matter how little you know about jewelry starting out, it's easy to pick up some essential knowledge by researching in advance. We recommend brushing up on the 4Cs of diamonds (cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. This will help you understand why the price points of diamonds can vary so much depending on their size and quality. Furthermore, having a good knowledge of the 4C’s before even speaking with a jeweller will make the process of buying a diamond much smoother for you.

3. Not Compromising On The 4C’s

Most of our clients when buying a diamond for the first time area are always excited to buy their love the biggest & best diamond they can afford for their budget. However it's important to understand that in order to keep your engagement ring within your budget there is often some compromise that must be made when it comes to cut, colour clarity & carat weight. Do you prefer a bigger diamond which is slightly lower in quality or a smaller diamond which is higher in quality. 

For a general overview, we recommend opting for a diamond that is, H colour or above and SI1 clarity or above and has a cut grade of ideal, excellent or very good.. Opting for a diamond with  these specs or better will ensure that your diamond is eye clean and white, white & sparkly regardless of its size.

4. Not Viewing Your Diamond Under Magnification!🔎 

Loose diamond viewed under magnification

View loose diamonds in 360HD

When you're shopping for an engagement ring, it’s important to understand that each and every single diamond in the world is a completely unique piece of which only one exists. This is why we recommend viewing your diamond under magnification before committing to ensure that you are happy with the quality. Even diamonds that have identical specifications on paper can look different, which is why it's important to view the diamond (either in a video or in person). At Hyde Park Design, our diamonds are available online in 360HD, which means you can view your diamond under magnification from the comfort of your own home.

5. Not Taking Into Account Your Jewellers Reputation 

Jewelry isn't all created the same and it isn't sold in the same way either. Many inexperienced diamond ring shoppers make the mistake of heading into just any store that shows up on an internet search or that appears before them as they walk down the street. Not all jewellers offer quality jewelry, and not all of them have good, customer-centric return or exchange policies in place. 

We recommend searching your jewellers online reviews to get a good idea of the quality and customer satisfaction they provide. 

At Hyde Park Design, we are passionate about providing the best customer service and ensure that each engagement ring we create is unrivaled in its quality. We are proud to say that each piece is custom made by us at our family-run Hatton Garden Jewellers. Checkout our reviews to see what our delighted customers have to say!

6. Not Taking Into Account Your Partners Personal Style

To be successful at choosing the perfect diamond engagement ring for your love, make sure you take into account their personal style. Pay attention to the kind of jewelry they already own and cherish - using this as the start of your design inspiration. Does your other half have a more glam look or a simple minimalist style? Is there a particular gemstone, or certain type of metal that you see them wearing often?

You can also head to social media to hunt for some design inspiration and hints. Has he/she recently liked or posted any pictures of engagement rings on their instagram page? Do they have any dedicated engagement ring pinterest boards? These subtle hints can help you create an overall image of the kind of ring your partner will love.

7. Not Taking Into Account Your Partners Lifestyle

Lifestyle is a factor which should be considered when choosing an engagement ring. Think about your partners’ day to day life and choose an engagement ring that will suit their lifestyle. Fine jewellery can be damaged with day to day wear and tear, this is why it's a good idea to think about what kind of tasks and activities your partner will perform whilst wearing their engagement ring.  If your partner does a lot of hands-on activities (such as gardening or weight lifting) a more robust style of engagement ring will be better suited. If this is the case we recommend platinum & diamond rings as these are the most hard-wearing and durable precious materials.


Engagement ring shopping isn’t always easy to get right, take on board these 7 tips and your experience should be an easy stress free process. Make sure you set yourself a clear budget before you even start shopping and do your research to ensure your buying from a reputable jeweller who makes quality pieces.


Check out our range of exquisite engagement rings, each created to the finest quality and our London jewellery workshop. 

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